Hi, everyone!
My name is Dane Shuler
and I am freelance designer

I’m always pushing to design anything and explore new styles. I’m constantly evolving, learning, and growing so you can expect that working with will be a exciting ride. I can guarantee a high-quality product that meets deadlines and requests of the customer. So working with me will be a easy and fun process!

Finished Designs

Organizations I have worked for


Are you a graphic designer and want to improve your designs? Well I have some of the best packs to help you make that happen!


Have you ever wanted your Twitter profile to look amazing then you have have came to the right place here you can look at some of my best Twitter headers!


Do you want to break streaming records like Ninja? Well you need your stream to look good so that can happen. Here you can look at some of my best Stream packages!


Do you want to finally look good in pictures but don’t know how to? I am the right person to come to I can make any person look good in photos!


Have you ever wanted to have a professional brand but don’t know where to start? Well I’m here to help you take the first step and get a logo made!


Do you want your social medias to look fancy like famous youtubers?  Motion designs would be the thing you need for that to happen!


Here is where some of my best but random designs are held! They may vary from apparel designs to team welcome screens you will just have to take a look!

Feel free to get in touch
with me any convenient way for you